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AAg's working Principle

We believe that the brightness of a smile spreads over a large area. As smile is the symbol of satisfaction. So we put our full effort in bringing smile to your face. Your smile is our first priority. So, we work hard to Make you happy from all aspects.  And this key principle has made us yours best vivah bhawan in Purnea. Keep supporting us and we will never let you Down.  

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aag's facilities

 Aadarsha Atithi Grih and it’s facilities are very transparent to our customer. We do believe in transparency


Men's Residence

150 men’s living arrangements (except blankets).

150 पुरुष के रहने की व्यवस्था (कम्बल छोड़कर)


Women's Residence

Separate residential system for 50 women (excluding blankets).

50 महिलाओ के लिए अलग आवासीय व्यवस्था (कम्बल छोड़कर)


Waterproof Pandal

Waterproof Pandal (with 200 chairs and 50 tables).

वाटेरप्रॉफ पंडाल (200 कुर्सी एंव 50 टेबुल के साथ) |



Electric decorative including diesel.

बिजली सजावटी डीजल सहित |



Reservation facility with practical agreement.

व्यवहारिक समझौते के साथ आरक्षण की सुविधा |


Air Conditioning

All Weather Air Conditioning (AC).

सभी मौसम एयर कंडीशनिंग (AC)।

aag is mainly known for

Wedding/Nikaah (banquet) hall

Do you need Party Hall in Purnea? We are the Leading Vivah bhawan in the city. We are the the most liked banquet hall in Purnea by our customer on the basis of Service and Cost Efficiency. Celebrate your Wedding/Nikaah with our Premium service

Reception and ring ceremony

Ring ceremony is the most memorable day and every one want to make it special. So give us a chance. We have the best Service and beautiful Party hall in Purnea, Bihar.

Corporate and birthday party

Want to Celebrate your success of your company, need any space to train your Employee or want to give a treat on your birthday to your Friends. We can make that possible. Contact us to know more About Purnea's Best Party Venue...

Aag's Point of Attrction

Cafeteria and food court lounge

4000 sqft wide area with food court and fully waterproof and colorful area.

Booking Duration – 12pm to 10am (22 Hour)

Room Facilities

150 People Can Stay At A Room

50 Women Different Earnestly Room Facility

Jaymala stage

AAdarsha Atithi Grih (AAG) Vivah Bhawan

Sitting areas near jaymala stage.

we are making your day, "a special day".

We spread smile on the face of our customer by giving best service at the lowest possible effort. So we are getting love from our customer. We are one of the leading banquet hall in the city at affordable budget. 


budget party hall

Aadarsha Atithi Grih (AAG) Vivah Bhawan is the cheapest means cost effective venue in the city. It is the budget party hall which really has value for money. It is best for celebration of parties, birthdays. It is the best place for birthday party, Wedding/nikaah, corporate party etc. Toknow more:-

Locate us on the map!!

You can Reach Aadarsha Atithi Grih (AAG) Vivah Bhawan by following map we are ready to welcome you so keep visiting us. We are in the heart of Purnea “The Green City” Near Dollar House Chowk. Come visit us!!!

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Viewof Aadarsha atithi grih

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